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Service Level Agreement

Zealous Host LLC (“Zealous Host”) is a hosting provider specialising in game server hosting and website hosting (“our services”). Based in the state of Delaware, United States, Zealous Host utilises our website and Discord server (“Discord”/”The Discord Server”) to provide services and support to our customer base.

By continuing to use our services, you automatically agree to our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). Should you fail to agree to our SLA, you forfeit your rights immediately to use our services, and you must cease use without delay.

Service Coverage & Definitions

We provide a 99.99% uptime on all services offered by Zealous Host.

“Service Downtime” is defined as any unplanned interruption in the availability of the service as described, providing the interruption has been caused by an issue in the immediate Zealous Host services and/or network segment as confirmed by Zealous Host Services.

Downtime is measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in service availability within a calendar month.

Zealous Host does not hold any responsibility or liability for unplanned outages caused solely by third-party software failure or related incidents. Such incidents are the direct responsibility of the software publisher.

Performance credit occurs when the 99.99% uptime guarantee is not met. Zealous Host will offer credit based compensation based on the facts of the downtime with the overall decision on the level of compensation resting with Zealous Host.


Should you wish to apply for such credits, you must contact us via one of the appropriate methods of communication as outlined in our Terms of Service. We may ask for proof of identity before issuing such compensation.

All claims will be investigated by our team, who will independently determine whether the claim follows this agreement. The decision whether to grant compensation or not lies with Zealous Host. We may choose, without prejudice, to compensate for outages that fall outside this policy.

All claims we believe to be fraudulent will be immediately rejected.

Exclusions of the SLA

There are a number of exclusions which apply to the SLA. As such, performance credit and/or refunds will not be applicable in the following circumstances.

Zealous Host

Zealous Host collects the following information. Please note that this list is not exhaustive:

Forman Enquiries

All formal enquiries must be directed to: